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Videos captured by Clipchamp come in the same pristine quality as they are produced by a webcam.Compression settings are de-coupled from the network conditions. Conference participants do willingly share what is captured by their webcam.

Over 80 effekter og filtre som kan brukes på webkameraet ditt. Prøv ut over 80 effekter og legg bildene ut på Facebook.Any incoming video passes through these server-side processing steps.Only once done it can be forwarded to the website whose visitors have submitted the videos.Clipchamp serves customers in sensitive domains such as K-12 education, healthcare (including mental health support), and public administration.How is a Web RTC-based webcam recorder a privacy issue, you may wonder.Still, this is what you have come to accept in a video conference, but would hardly want in a webcam recording.

Clipchamp does never compromise on the recording quality.More recently, some online services started to offer Web RTC-based webcam recorders. Whoever starts using Web RTC-based services such as Google Hangout does not want to go back to the old world of installing proprietary software packages, regularly prone to security flaws, not to mention the subpar user experience of many desktop videoconferencing software solutions.In theory, Web RTC makes all of these problems go away.When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, webcam recordings are an entirely different matter.These days, webcam recording has become a mainstay in many industries and applications where protecting the users’ privacy is paramount and where exposing captured videos to 3rd parties must be avoided.Once the conference has started, its participants would not fancy being kicked out because of fluctuating network conditions.

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